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Piroshka is the post Lush group you need to hear

Piroshka is the post Lush group you need to hear
We think the term Supergroup is now over-used, so with the best will in the world we’re not going to use it to describe Piroshka, who comprise a member of Lush, Elastica and others. Instead we’re going to describe the Miki Berenyi led group as post-Lush, because her fingerprints are all over it.
Good fingerprints they are too, with the shimmer of early Lush and a little of the pop of later, while… well the others do whatever they do. Still, it’s good to have Miki in the news again for good reasons, and Piroshka a debut LP called Brickbats on February 15th.
A single is, of course, here for your listening pleasure. It’s called Everlastingly Yours:

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