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Police investigating two music festival deaths

Police investigating two music festival deaths

Police are currently investigating two deaths that took place at Sunset Music Festival over the weekend.

The tragic deaths took place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa - the home of Sunset - and are being investigated for unknown causes of the death and why the festival-goers were hospitalised.

According to Tampa Police, both 22-year-old Alex Haynes and 21-year-old Kate Bermudez were hospitalised on the Saturday. Haynes passed away on Sunday and Bermudez was pronounced dead on Monday.

It has been suggested by reports that a drug overdose was the cause of death..A spokesperson for St. Joseph's Hotel told WLFA it was "frightening" how many festival-goers visited the hospital over the weekend to be treated for drug overdoses. 

The police haven't yet commented on why 57 others were hospitalised. It has been reported, however, that there were 33 arrests, and 16 marijuana civil citations.

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