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Police mistakenly try to rescue heavy metal campers after suicide tip off

Police mistakenly try to rescue heavy metal campers after suicide tip off
Picture the scene: you and your friends, plus your two kids and a dog are camping on an island in Loch Leven, Perthshire. You love metal so the stereo is pumping out something heavy, you’re dressed in black and you’ve had a few beers when the police arrive on mass because someone they think you’re engaging in some weird, satanic suicide pact. 
That’s not a story, that actually happened to some metal fans recently. The Guardian has some choice quotes from the professionally accomplished group: “For some reason the police had received a tip that we might be in grave danger and they came to rescue us,” said lecturer and businessman Panagiotis Filis, “They really did a great job of rescuing us, the only issue is that we didn’t need rescuing.” A friend added “The amount of resources they threw at it was just ridiculous.”
The Police said “We were called regarding a concern for a group of people on Sunday at around 19.00. Inquiries were carried out, along with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and they were all traced safe and well at around midnight.”

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