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Praise You Can Do Without

Being praised by someone (relatively) famous can help publicize you and give you a leg up; it’s common in the book world, but less so in the music biz. Unfortunately, there’s some praise you might be better off without. New York act the Drums were lauded by DJ Boy George to NME, and it starts off quite well: “I thought they were really joyous…It's reminiscent of a lot of things – The Smiths, The Cure.” Which is bizarre enough, because if there’s one thing people associated with both the Smiths and the Cure, it isn’t joy. However, he then went on to deliver the best/worst part, depending on if you’re in the band: “They actually look like four rentboys, but I probably shouldn't be saying that!" No George, you really shouldn’t. Let’s hope prostitute chic is in this season...

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