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Premier League footy club Wolves start a record label

Premier League footy club Wolves start a record label
There hasn’t been a premier league football club with their own record label before, and quite honestly we never ever imagined such a thing. So imagine our surprise to learn not only has one been created, it’s by… Wolverhampton Wanderers. Sorry Wolves fans, but it’s a surprise.
Wolves Records is working with Warner Music’s ‘Alternative Distribution Alliance’, and has producer S-X and former Rolling Stones manager Peter Rudge on the team. Here’s their fluff:  “I am very excited to be involved and support Wolves Records from the beginning,” S-X said, “and am looking forward to helping identify the best local talent and working with the label’s first artists… Wolves and the city of Wolverhampton are both very close to my heart, and I am deeply passionate about giving talented young people from this area the best opportunities, and the rich musical talent that the West Midlands has to offer. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing how Wolves Records can impact the music industry and support new artists, and I’m also very proud that it is my club that is going to be the first in the UK to venture into music in such an authentic and exciting way.”
So what does this mean practically? They are looking for their first signings, and “Artists, bands, producers and songwriters… send us your music now! We want to hear you!”
So Wolves locals: get submitting!

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