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Preview Top 50 - Fast Track to FIB 2011

Preview Top 50 bands in SupaJam's Fast Track to FIB 2011.

Voting for SupaJam's Fast Track to FIB 2011 has now been open for nearly two weeks and we've already seen an amazing response.

It's incredibly close throughout the leader board despite tens of thousands of votes being cast already.

As a special treat, we've prepared a sneak preview of the current top 50 for you in the list below.

The competition is intense and anyone could still claim a place in the voters top 20 and a ticket to the next round. There's only a few votes separating our entire top 200 so everything could change before the voting ends.

Each band in the list below will open in a new window so you can click to listen and vote on each, then close the window and be ready to try out the next one.

Don't forget to checkout all the other fantastic entries as well though. Your votes will help decide who gets to play at the awesome FIB festival in Spain and you might just discover some fantastic new music along the way.

50. Coffee
49. thee deadtime philharmonic
47. Rolled up 20's
46. Shove
45. R&R Featuring Fluteman
44. Atlanta
43. New Mind Line
42. Trooping With Crows
41. redLizzard

40. Arrested In Moscow
39. Limehawk
38. Super Clarks
37. The Scandal
36. Thank Pablo
35. The Pantomime Villains
34. The Myth
33. AURA
32. MK III
31. Lestrange

30. Riot on the 3rd Floor
28. Howlin'Dowlin
27. My Forever
26. The Fuegos
25. Eatenbybears
24. The Strangerhood
23. Al Margen
22. Debbie Campos
21. Strike The Nation

20. Rawcuss
19. Soundproof
18. Juno and the Mook
16. Fixed Penalty
15. King of Hearts
14. Chris Gray
13. recs of the flesh
12. IC1s
11. Melmac

10. Magazine Gap
9. Black Wolf Catch
8. Coockoo
7. The British Kicks
6. Find a Fiend

5. Xander and The Peace Pirates
4. Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects
3. What The Fuck
2. Katrin the Thrill
1. Mojo Gogo


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