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Prince demos album will feature songs he wrote for others

Prince demos album will feature songs he wrote for others
A new Prince album is coming, and it’s an interesting one to describe. The purple one wrote a lot of songs for other people, and ‘Originals’ features the demos he made which were then recorded by other people. There’s fifteen tracks in total, including the famous (like Manic Monday and Nothing Compares 2 U), to the typically Prince: Sex Shooter and Jungle Love.
The songs are all drawn from 1981 to 1991, and the press has made a lot of the fact Jay Z has helped choose them, but let’s be honest a poodle could select an album of great Prince songs. It’s Prince. However, this also means the LP will stream first on Jay-Z’s Tidal from June 7th, before getting a physical release June 21st.
Bad Jay-Z.

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