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Prince's family sue Jay Z for exploiting star's death on Tidal

Prince's family sue Jay Z for exploiting star's death on Tidal

The surviving family of Prince have sued Jay Z for exploiting the late-star's death on the music platform Tidal.

Jay Z is accused of infringement by Prince’s estate, alleging that the company’s Tidal service streamed the late artist’s catalog without permission. They cite an example of infringement that occured in July 2016, when Tidal added 15 Prince albums to the service, including The Black Album and Crystal Ball.

The estate claims Tidal had no rights to stream the rest of his catalog. However, Roc Nation said that it had both “both oral and written” permission to stream all of Prince’s catalog on Tidal, but had not provided Prince’s estate with any evidence to back up its claim.

This is all further complicated by the fact that on November 2nd, Universal Music signed a deal with Prince's estate for full rights and access to his music.

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