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Prophets of Rage announce album: listen to the lead track now

Prophets of Rage announce album: listen to the lead track now
In a way, Rage Against the Machine let us down, not being around for the George W Bush disaster. But nothing makes Bush look sensible like Donald Trump, and Rage have morphed into Prophets of Rage thanks to the presence of Chuck D and others in the angry, politically charged mashup we need.
The lead track is called Unfuck the World, and it is great, coming as it does with a Michael Moore directed video. The album will be out September 15th, and Moore is plugging hard:
“I am thrilled to once again be working with my old friends and comrades in the struggle for a just world… Prophets Of Rage is the right band, saying the right shit, at this very critical moment. This music video is our collective battle cry against those who seek to harm the innocent and the powerless. I am proud to have directed this video and I ask all who see it do their part to unfuck this world. ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

Unfuck The World (Music Video) (Official Video, Explicit) by Prophets of Rage on VEVO.

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