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Radio 1 launch Vintage celebration station

Radio 1 launch Vintage celebration station
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Radio 1 are taking a look to the past. Given that they’ve been relentlessly youth and forward focused for many years now, the question of how they’d cram in nods to the past is an interesting one, and has been solved by launching a digital only station called Radio 1 Vintage.
Running 6 till midnight on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday, each hour focuses on a different historical show or DJ with vintage clips and modern comments. This is why Johnnie Walker shares a bill with Kevin Greening, one of the station’s lost heroes.
However, in reading about Radio 1 Vintage we did see Fearne Cotton referred to as a classic DJ, and we can stop that talk right now. We believe it’ll all be online for thirty days. Schedule below.

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