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Radiohead announce live-streamed archive gigs series

Radiohead announce live-streamed archive gigs series
The days pass by, the government timetable is still being followed, we are getting ever closer to live gigs again… but until then Radiohead have brought their catalogue to the internet table. They announced a seven week series where they’ll be pulling gigs from their archive and streaming them at set times.
Colin Greenwood explained,  “We rummaged in the Radiohead Public Library and found a few more concerts from a life we all yearn to return to. Thanks to science and the vaccines, we are a step closer to that.”
Now, there’s only one show announced at the moment, and it’ll be happening on the band’s YouTube chancel this Friday, at 8pm UK time (that’s 3pm EST). It’s an intimate affair, a show from 2008 at 93 Feet East in London with two hundred fans. We assume Colin will announce the rest like he did the first, on Twitter.

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