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Radiohead are up for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Radiohead are up for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t attract that much interest in the UK, but it’s still a surprise when you find Radiohead on the shortlist for the 2018 nominations. To count for 2018 you have to have released your first LP or single by 1992 at the earliest, so Radiohead get a nod.
Also up for voting is Rage Against the Machine, and a lot of people you think would be: Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, Dire Straits. Kate Bush and Nina Simone are on there too.
The winners of the vote will be announced in December and you, yes you, can vote too at this website. At least in theory, as we write the website has crashed, perhaps from the millions of Radiohead fans.

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