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Radiohead in copyright trouble for 'Burn the Witch' video

Radiohead in copyright trouble for 'Burn the Witch' video

Radiohead are in copyright trouble over their video for 'Burn the Witch'.

The family of Trumpton creator Gordon Murray have spoken out about the group's sacrificial promo for the song, saying that they should have asked consent. They feel that it's a "breach of consent".

Murray's son in law, William Mollet, said: "Radiohead should have sought our consent as we consider this a tarnishing of the brand."

He believes the puppets and buildings used in the Radiohead video are too similar to those in Trumpton and sister shows, Camberwick Green and Chigley. Furthermore, he believes Gordon Murray would be "appalled" and the family are considering their next move.

Replying to whether they would show the video to the now 95-year-old animator, he said no, adding: "Gordon would be appalled."

"It is not something we would have authorised. We consider that there is a breach of copyright and we are deciding what to do next."

Compare two clips underneath:

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