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Rammstein have an interesting way to pitch this new album

Rammstein have an interesting way to pitch this new album
Rammstein members Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers have been talking to Guitar World about their forthcoming album, and they’ve certainly got an interesting way of selling it to us.
“It’s not too sterile, not too clean,” they said which is okay.
“It has a lot of life and energy in it, but it’s not all angry.” Still okay.
“The music is more than that. It’s different for Rammstein. You might even say it’s fun to listen to.” Woah hold up there, fun? You want us to have fun? Yeah, actually that’s appealing.
They did continue on with some serious chat: “Everyone with a computer can make music at home. You can program stuff and get nice-sounding drum programs and the sound is very good off the soundcards you have at home. That’s fine, but our goal was to have something that could never be done at home, where you really hear the humans behind the instruments. To see your drummer play when you work on songs and see there are real people involved in your band I think is good for us.”

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