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Read CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry's cool blog on why Depeche Mode are amazing

Read CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry's cool blog on why Depeche Mode are amazing

CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry has blogged about how amazing Depeche Mode are. You should have a read of it

"Depeche Mode live is a pretty breathtaking thing. The set list is EPIC so you are in no danger of feeling short-changed. New material is there in abundance but blends well with old classics."

She continued to talk about what a great frontman and inspiration Dave Gahan is. "As a performer, he is a marvel, owning the stage of a multi-thousand-seater stadium as if it is a sweaty club, a talent one is surely born with but enhanced through the years and years of touring and dedication. "

"From what I can tell, this success is down to one simple thing: great songwriting. In today's musical climate of disposable pop with little to say versus obscure electro where all hints of a topline are buried beneath layers of effects and fear of seeming mainstream, Depeche Mode still stand alone, unafraid to foreground melody and imbue music with emotion in a way few other songwriters can, and that is an incredibly powerful thing to see.

Here is the full article from Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES on Depeche Mode.

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