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Reading Festival founder Harold Pendleton has passed away

Reading Festival founder Harold Pendleton has passed away
The founder of Reading Festival, Harold Pendleton, has sadly died, but in a year filled with terribly young deaths it’s something of a relief to report that Pendleton lived 93 rich, innovation filled years that more than made his legend. The fact that your festival has more than one stage? Yeah, he started that. The Rolling Stones first gig? He booked that.
Here’s the current Reading lead, Levin Boss, on Pendleton: “I am sad to hear of the passing of Harold Pendleton. Having worked together on Reading Festival in the early days, I can truly say that Harold had a lasting impact on our much-loved event, and Reading Festival would not be what it is today without his original vision… His passing is a great loss to us all…”
“Throughout his 60-year career, Harold fought to establish platforms for showcasing new talent and helped shape popular music culture… He was at the centre of a unique period in music history, both prompting and witnessing the impacts of the jazz, rock and punk revolutions in the UK and beyond.”

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