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Record Union launch mental health pack for record industry

Record Union launch mental health pack for record industry
A recent survey by the Record Union found the majority of musicians who responded had suffered from mental health issues, so they’ve decided to help. They’re launching the Wellness Starter Pack, which has come at a perfect time as the entire music industry is facing closures and changing / ending income streams. The Pack is available online.
Record Union boss Johan Svanberg explained “Traditionally, the music industry has defined success on commercial grounds; it has always been money first. But in this pursuit of success, we can see that many artists find the pressure to succeed and the fear of failure too overwhelming… To create a healthier music climate with healthier artists, we believe that the industry, as well as the artists themselves, need to start thinking about mental health as part of their success.”
The pack has been built with the help of medical personnel, and aims to improve mindfulness, sleep, exercise, diet and mood: https://thewellnessstarterpack.com/

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