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Reverend Attacks Allen for Insignificance

Jon McClure, the Reverend part of indie pop band Reverend and the Makers (he isn’t a real Reverend), has spent the last year or two trying to get young people to engage in debate about the state of the world. Which, to be fair, is better than listening to his records. But now a load of artists and people have been engaged in a debate, all about file sharing, he’s not happy, because apparently he wants debate about Afghanistan, Global Warming and other ‘important topics’. He took aim at debate leader Lily Allen: "It's complete and utter bullshit because I don't see how millionaire rock stars are in any position to be lecturing kids on stealing their music. I think downloading music is a fact of life, and I think the people that are supporting this [campaign against it], like Take That and Lily Allen, that take the money from the kids when they're playing in stadiums, it's just an insult really… The bankers are taking the Michael, the MPs are taking the mick, Afghanistan, Iraq, melting of the Earth, you know what I'm saying. It's a sad state of affairs if that's the only thing that gets them excited, if you ask me. Rock and roll is about rebellion innit, so how can you start acting like the people that sit at home and say 'Don't do that kids'?". Great way to build on the debate Reverend.

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