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Review: How Long by Tove Lo

Review: How Long by Tove Lo
   The soundtrack song has a special place in our hearts, right from listening to Queen belt out Flash many, many years ago (and every Christmas since.) We thus have no bias when it comes to saying both Tove Lo’s got a new single out from the soundtrack to Euphoria and it’s brilliant.
   But elsewhere there is still a suspicion that artists don’t give their best stuff to soundtracks, but in ‘How Long’ Tove Lo could have released a career highlight. Not to say Sweden’s songstress doesn’t have a lot of already brilliant tracks: she’s been pumping out banger after banger for years, and is genuinely underappreciated. So when we say How Long is arguably tied with her best, we mean a very high bar.
   While she’s come out with some completely horny tunes, How Long is devastating account of unrequited love and a failing, if ever, relationship. “How long have you loved another/ While I’m dreaming of us together… How long have you tried to end it/While I’m blaming myself to fix it/How long.” I’m sure we’ve all been there.
   Also, it does make us keen to watch Euphoria to see what’s going on, and you can’t say fairer than that.

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