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Richard Ashcroft would like you to know that wasn’t drugs

Richard Ashcroft would like you to know that wasn’t drugs…
When Richard Ashcroft appeared on Soccer AM, something white appeared to fall out of his pocket. Most people didn’t notice and carried on, but someone on the web clipped it up, said it was drugs, and it went viral.
Mr Ashcroft would like you to know it wasn’t drugs:
“Just a quick message to a couple of you trolls on Twitter who are making a name for yourselves out of me – and also people moralising and virtue signalling,” a now deleted video said: “Number one: Cocaine and I have had no relationship for decades. Number two: Don’t you ever surmise what has fallen out of my pocket. And, don’t bring my children into it… You’re on thin ice. Don’t libel my name. My dad didn’t like litter and I don’t really like litter. But it gets a bit preposterous in my pocket.  In The Verve I was known as Colombo, so get your facts right. You’re on thin ice. Peace.”
We’re not sure that helps Richard.

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