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Richard Linklater to make Bill Hicks movie

Richard Linklater to make Bill Hicks movie
Bill Hicks, aka the greatest comedian of all time, died aged just 32. He’s a legend. Now Richard Linklater, aka the director of Dazed and Confused and Boyhood, is going to both write and direct a film about him. 
The director has mused before on missing out on working with Hicks, and here’s a quote from 2011 where he explains why the comedy genius is so important:
“There’s not quite any others like him. They don’t speak in the same voice. You’d think people would take that torch and go with it, but it’s a rare combination of that kind of intelligence, mysticism, political, you know… his politics, his angle, it’s pretty unique… I go through my life all the time… everything that’s going on in our culture, I always think, what would Bill Hicks be doing? You just miss him.” 

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