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Rihanna hospitalised in Sweden

Rihanna rushed to hospital yesterday

Swedish pop fans faced disappointment yesterday when Rihanna pulled out of her planned performance in the city of Malmo. The show was cancelled as the We Found Love singer was rushed to hospital suffering from a bout of flu.

Yes that’s right. Flu.

Now without wanting to seem too unsympathetic to the globes’ favourite pop puppet, is a touch of flu really a ‘rushed to hospital’ situation? Supajam suspects that had RiRi gone for the traditional rock n’ roll response to flu- 5 satchets of Beechams dumped in a half pint of whiskey*- the Swedes could have been in for a truly entertaining show.

As it is, Rihanna posted the above photo of ‘her’ arm attached to an IV drip. Why on Earth would flu require an IV drip ? It’s like emailing your boss to tell him you’ve got ear ache and attaching a photo of an amputated leg. I mean we all like to pull the occasional sickie, but come on Ri’s try a bit harder...   

*Impressionable idiots: Supajam doesn’t think you should actually do this. Got that ? Good.

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