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Rihanna slammed for glamorising smoking.

Rihanna slammed for "glamorising" smoking by The Ulster Cancer Foundation of Ireland


Rihanna has been having no luck in Ireland lately, first while shooting her video for “We Found Love” with Calvin Harris on a farm in Bangor, County Down she was asked to “cover up” by the lands owner, DUP Alderman Alan Graham who saw her while fetching a tractor and thought her behaviour was “unacceptable” (You really can't make this stuff up...)

And now The Ulster Cancer Foundation of Ireland has hit out on the singer claiming that shes “glamorising” smoking in a recent promotional shoot for her new album “Talk That Talk”. In the shoot the singer is seen provocatively posing in a red, white and black outfit sitting on a pavement and smoking and reclining on stairs with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

A spokesperson for the charity said Three-quarters of adult smokers start the habit as teenagers, which is why it is so irresponsible of Rihanna to influence her young fan base in this way.”

Before adding 'After so much hype around the filming of the video it was very disappointing to see Rihanna so blatantly smoking throughout it.

'Artists such as Rihanna are held in high esteem and regarded as role models by millions of young people.
'We are very concerned that young people watching the video will see smoking as glamorous and want to copy her behaviour.'

You can see the video for “We Found Love” below.

So what do you think? Is Rihanna glamorising and promoting smoking to her fanbase? Or are the foundation over reacting for a couple of photos?

Post any comments and feedback below....


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