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Rita Ora loses hundreds of thousands investing in female urination device

Rita Ora loses hundreds of thousands investing in female urination device

Rita Ora has revealed that she lost hundreds of thousands investing in a female urination device.

She is said to be an investor in a company that lost a whole lot of money in a device that enables women to piss at festivals.

"It let you wee on the spot so you don’t lose your spot after waiting for live five hours,” she told a British tabloid. “It fell through and it looked weird and I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered to do this, you know what, just wee on the floor.’ That is one of my worst investments. When women need to go we need to go, guys don’t have that problem when you need to go you just post up on the corner and let it go.” 

Her lawyer added the following comment on the fraud she's been duped by.

“Rita Ora has multiple business interests globally,” said Ora’s lawyer Graham Shear. “One of the companies in which she has an interest is a potential victim of fraud along with several other companies and individuals. The potential loss suffered by all the victims collectively is thought to be significant but only a proportion of that total figure will apply to the entity in which Ms Ora is one of several shareholders.”

He added: “Any loss suffered by the company in which Ms Ora has an interest will be recoverable from insurance policies which protect against this sort of professional misappropriation, fraud and other claims."

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