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Rob Halford speaks out on growing homophobia

Rob Halford speaks out on growing homophobia
Rob Halford recently did an interview with NME’s James McMahon, in which we learnt they were speaking on National Coming Out Day. Halford has been out for several decades and is proud of metal’s inclusivity, but he has noticed a rise in homophobia in recent years in wider American society.
Here’s that section:
“But don’t get me started on the Christian right pushing the LGBTQ community under the bus. They’re passing laws here where if you’re gay you can lose your job, based on whether the people who run a company follow a religion that doesn’t accept people like us. It’s horrible. America is supposed to be the world’s leading superpower and some of this stuff is medieval. It’s not a country where you feel especially safe, and I do think I feel less safe now. You are aware that by walking down the supermarket you might get shot. But I try not to let that stuff intrude on my life. The politicians, the media, they want you to be scared and I refuse to be.”
The rest of the interview is here, and there’s a lot of good vibes and Christmas chat because Rob has a second LP of seasonal metal bangers coming. 

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