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Robbie Records A Song With Swear Words About The Brits

Robbie Williams writes a song with swearing in about the Brits

Robbie has teamed up once more with Guy Chambers to pen a new song completely ripping the 2013 Brit Awards.

The song, entitled "The Brits 2013", takes a swipe at the bland feel and lack of excitement at this year's ceremony. It starts with a clip of him giving a generic interview and opening with the lines "well that Brits night was so fucking boring..." It then carries on in similar suit throughout the song.

It has bits of rap, bits of balladry and the fairly accurate line of "it's like a VD clinic, only pricks are in it."

He should've stayed away and then read our review the morning after. He would've had far more fun.

We think that Robbie has been a bit of a hypocrite with this, here's why.

Anyway, if you want to hear it then head over to his website.

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