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Robert Smith: goth was a pantomime he didn’t take seriously

Robert Smith: goth was a pantomime he didn’t take seriously
The Cure’s Robert Smith is one of the most famous goth musicians of all time. His look, his music, his approach: he became the thing everyone associates with goth. Except… Smith is rather divorced from the whole thing.
Time Out asked Smith what goth meant to him and he said “We got stuck with it at a certain time when goths first started… I was playing guitar with Siouxsie And The Banshees, so I had to play the part. Goth was like a pantomime to me. I never really took the whole thing seriously.”
While he thinks goth culture is “full of wonderful people,” indeed, every one he’s met has been nice, “It’s just a theatrical thing… It’s part of the ritual of going on stage. Also, there is the prosaic reason: I have ill-defined features and naturally pale skin.”

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