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Roskilde 2021 cancelled due to Covid

Roskilde 2021 cancelled due to Covid
Sad news for festival goers today, as Roskilde has had to cancel it’s 2021 edition, after also having to cancel the 2020 event.
The announcement began “Finally, we received an official statement about this summer’s restrictions. As expected, we can’t conduct a Roskilde Festival this summer. Let us meet again in 2022,” and understandably, “We are devastated by the fact that we can’t get together at our festival and contribute to recreating the communities that the corona crisis has destroyed for so many.
The cancellation is very serious for the festival, for the charity society behind it and for our community. And it is serious for the artistic environments and the growth segments of culture. But it will not be possible to gather 130,000 people at Roskilde Festival this summer.But we will meet again in 2022. And our community is strong!”
Although you can have a refund if you so wish, the finances of the festival would be greatly helped if you rolled it over to 2022: “It will be an invaluable help for us if you choose to keep your ticket by transferring it to 2022. That way, you help us through this very difficult time… We will get back to all ticket buyers as soon as possible with the exact circumstances of transfer and refund.”

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