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Ruby from Bake Off just put Piers Morgan down in style

Ruby from Bake Off just put Piers Morgan down in style
Do you remember Ruby Tandoh from the Great British Bake Off? The poor woman who had to endure weeks of rumours she fancied Paul Hollywood because people are idiots, and finally broke her silence over it in true style when she called him a “peacocking manchild.” There is no more apt description.
Well, Ruby has written several cookbooks after Bake Off, but also co-created Do What You Want, which is all about mental health. This produced an invite via Twitter to appear on Good Morning Britain. When researcher Charlotte Sexton asked, Ruby replied brilliantly, because going on that show means sitting near odious pile of bowels Peirs Morgan.
“hi charlotte, i know it’s just your job so no hard feelings, but piers morgan is a sentient ham and frankly i’d rather die.”
Zing. Obviously no one at Supajam wants to see anybody die, but if Dr Who failed and time was rewritten and Piers Morgan didn’t exist we’d be okay with it.

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