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Russia blames Beatles for drug culture 40 years too late

Is there a time rift or something?

It appears that the Chief Medical Officer of Russia has been trapped in a communist gulag for the last forty plus years, as he’s made comments blaming the Beatles for Russia’s interests in recreational drugs. Talking to the Daily Mail, which likes to run drug panic stories but is really outdoing themselves here, Yevgeny Bryun said the Beatles’ trip to India that got Eastern Europeans interested in drugs (and fuck didn’t they need them), and this was swiftly followed by people realising you could make money off this demand, hence a drug culture funded by organised crime. Is there a time rift between here and Russia or something?

And if you were wondering how a country which probably won’t appoint a ‘Drug’s Tsar’ wants to deal with young people having chemically enhanced fun ''Either we stop adolescents from taking drugs at an early age, or tell them that either prison awaits them, or death.'' But mercifully not a work camp anymore.

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