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Saudi Arabia banned dabbing and is arresting people over it

Saudi Arabia banned dabbing and is arresting people over it
Okay, so Dabbing, the popular arm and body movement started in US hip hop culture and now employed by every tosser near a video camera, has become stupid. But it shouldn’t be banned, because banning expression is basically oppressive bullshit.
Speaking of which, stand forward the current kings of getting away with oppressive bullshit while we sell them arms, Saudi Arabia, who have banned dabbing, feeling it’s got drug overtones and is bad for you. But not as bad as beheading people, which they still do.
Abdallah Al Shahani  dropped a dab while performing at a festival in Taif, Saudi Arabia, and was promptly arrested and made to grovel on Twitter in apology. So just remember, when we’re sending them missiles: they ban you fucking dabbing.

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