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Scandroid’s Thriller cover is here for Halloween

Scandroid’s Thriller cover is here for Halloween
If you’d like to hear a version of Thriller straight from the greatest eighties movie never made, or just want one not sung by a paedophile, here’s Scandroid’s take it. The band is actually Klayton, a one man producer, musician, singer and all round super talented bastard who also works as Celldweller and Circle of Dust, but Scandroid is his superb synthwave project.
"I knew when I started the album (Monochrome) that I wanted to do a Halloween-related track. It only took me 1/4 of a second to conclude this would be my perfect chance to cover a track I loved during the 80s. I probably watched the 'Thriller' music video 100+ times on my parents VCR after I recorded it from MTV." - Klayton
His next LP, Monochrome, is out October 27th, and Thriller is on it… and below with a cool video.

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