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Seasick Steve biographer finds out he lied about his age, being a hobo and... Everything, essentially

Seasick Steve biographer finds out he lied about his age, being a hobo and... Everything, essentiall

You remember about 9 or 10 years ago when your mate at work started, all of a sudden, talking about the blues? Tapping their toe and romantisicing about New Orleans, and it turned out they'd just been listening to Radio 2 sessions with Seasick Steve? Well, it turns out that his devotion to life on the road was as see through as your mate's.

Yes, a writer named Matthew Wright was working on a biography about Seasick Steve and figured out that he was pretty much full of shit. It turns out that the time Steve said he'd been “living and playing in Paris on the street in 1972. I was living in a park and it was real rough, and all that", he was making Indo-American music, like this.

Or when he said that he was hitchhiking his way through Southern States making a three string guitar, he was in the disco band Crystal Glass.

There's more: Steve did backing harmonies in a Beach Boys break away group, produced Modest Mouse's first album and - weirdly enough - while he claimed his birthdate was in 1941, was actually born ten years later 1951. It all changed when Steve to Norway and reinvented himself after a boat ride.

Did anybody ever believe any of the stuff about him anyway? I mean, it sounds like bullshit, and now it definitely is bullshit. It's difficult, this one, as Steve's story was put at the centre of everything about him. Is he singing in complete riddles and lies too? Either way, don't let it stop you from listening to his stuff. It's still an impressive career!

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