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Secret Garden Party’s 2022 return sells out in record time

Secret Garden Party’s 2022 return sells out in record time
Who knew that after a year and a half of having to shelter away from a virus, people were hungry to get back to festivals? Who knew that after a give year gap, people were hungry to return to the reborn Secret Garden Party?
Well, we all did probably, but Secret Garden Party had seventy thousand people apply for just fifteen thousand tickets for the comeback 2022 event. The tickets sold out in two hours, and no one knows what the headliners are like (and won’t, it’s secret see).
Here’s boss Freddie Fellowes: “We are thrilled and frankly totally blown away by the overwhelming response to the return of Secret Garden Party and its 20th anniversary… We thought that since closing our doors 5 years ago and then after such an isolating grim couple of years there might be some interest, but the love and enthusiasm for going back to the Garden has quite taken our breath away.
There’s clearly a need to bring like-minded people together who want to meet, play, create and rejoice. It is no longer a luxury we can take for granted. The joy shown on SGP’s social media since the announcement and the subsequent crazy shared stories reminds us of how A Serious Party has the capacity to create magic.
I’d like to thank every single person who applied. Congratulations if you managed to get ticket, if not then don’t despair; SGP is about collaboration and we have kept back a fair few tickets for the most wonderful ideas that people want to bring to life in the Garden. Applications for this will open next month so get your thinking caps on… and join us next summer.”

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