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Simon Cowell Would Reshape the Beatles

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Simon Cowell, the king of musically themed reality television and the judge on American Idol/X Factor (the show which replaced Idol in the UK). Unlike some judges on television, he’s always come off as essentially imparting some home truths rather than simply being bitchy, and he does seem to know what he’s talking about when giving an opinion about chart toppers. But now he’s revealed a crack in that, by claiming he would have changed the Beatles, rejecting their drummer Ringo. "No, we would have said, ‘We'll take those three but probably lose the drummer’” he told The Early Show, “Ringo, I'm afraid, we would have said is ‘bad news’." Colossal arrogance or an insight into the workings of the modern music industry? Or both. You decide.

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