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Skepta beats Bowie, Radiohead to the Mercury Prize

Skepta beats Bowie, Radiohead to the Mercury Prize

Grime artist Skepta won the Mercury Prize last night!

Despite competition from the likes of David Bowie and Blackstar, or Radiohead with Moon Shaped Pool. His album Konnichiwa was released but without a label and much acclaim.

Speaking at a press conference after his win, Skepta said: “But I really did this for people to see freedom. I want to inspire people who do other genres of music too to be: ‘Why am I with this record label? I don't understand what they're doing for me. They tell me what to do. When I first came in here, they told me I'd have all the freedom I could have, but now I'm in this deal, I don't feel like myself any more, I'm getting out. Because Skepta and Boy Better Know did it.' I want this to get into people's heads. This is independent.”

He said: “I'm happy that it's happening at this stage in my life. When I was younger, I was very wild and I didn't really have my head screwed on properly. So I'm happy that people are finding me at this stage of my life, because I'm much more content, much more comfortable, much more relaxed, and my swagger's the one I want to go out to the world. The positive one, rather than the negative one.”

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