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Skin announces autobiography

Skin announces autobiography
There’s some news around today that Skin of Skunk Anansie has announced an autobiography… but we thought she did that after appearing on the Masked Singer so, maybe we’re just having a psychic moment. 
Anyway, It Takes Blood & Guts will be out September 24th and will trace her life, including the first days of the band and a ground breaking but often forgotten Glastonbury headlining set in 1999. Oh, and hopefully Masked Singer gossip.
But we do have to mention it’s co-written by Lucy O’Brien.
Here’s the fluff:  “As a black, gay woman singing rock music, Skin is an unmissable force, especially in the early days of the band. But she had to fight for her success and she still does today… The book will tell her story from a difficult childhood growing up in Brixton, fighting poverty and prejudice, through the bands early days, huge success and timeless performances, her work as a social and cultural activist, championing LGBTQ+ rights, advocating women and young people in the arts and music industry, a fashion icon, model and muse and her legacy as one of the most influential women in British rock.”

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