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Skream and Wiley do battle on Twitter

Dubstep and grime collide over 140 characters.

...or so we thought.

We get a message saying that dubstep pioneer Skream and grime MC Wiley are off on one on Twitter. Rolling eyes, we decide to check it out to see if it's something newsworthy or just a bit of a tantrum. We were pleasantly surprised to find the following:

It all started with this seemingly innocuous tweet by Dubstep and Grime DJ Plastician...

Which led to this one from Wiley...

Once Skream had calmed down from playing on stage with Nile Rodgers in Ibiza the night before, he got involved a little further down the line...


What could have become an intense verbal slanging match actually turned into a pretty interesting debate about two sounds that have been prime breakouts of the 21st century. It was genuinely fascinating to see some of the biggest artists from those scenes frankly discuss the crossroads that their careers and wider genres have taken. The chat is still going on, but here are some highlights.



There's lots that we've missed out, but feel free to check out more of what they're saying. There's some great history to look up in there. It's good to see Wiley playing nice.

Meanwhile, here's a little clip of Skream's aforementioned set with Nile Rodgers last night that he took while on stage.

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