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Slash to play VR gig from a zoo

Slash to play VR gig from a zoo
Interesting but odd fact: Guns N Roses guitarist Slash is on the board of trustees of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. Really. Part of that job is raising money and awareness of the zoo, and to do so he’ll be playing a gig on May 20th at the Zoo Association’s Beastly Ball. ‘
So far, so normal. Also normal is famous friends like Jack Black turning up, and the way money will go to the new Species Conservation Action Network, which will target global conservation issues. So what’s the weird bit? The gig will be broadcast in full Virtual Reality.
Now, those of us who remember that term the first time round are a bit suspicious, but we’ve used VR headsets and can see the potential for this to be amazing. Slash commented “I’m honored and proud to be a part of the L.A. Zoo’s 50th Anniversary Beastly Ball. It’s going to be the biggest yet, and I’m really looking forward to jamming live with some good friends.”

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