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Sleaford Mods are the latest band to moan on about appropriation

Sleaford Mods are the latest band to moan on about appropriation
The backlash against the marvellous blending of cultures produced the appropriation movement, a chorus of self interested moans balkanising creativity and erasing empathy in an attempt to put everyone into little boxes and censor ground they didn’t otherwise feel confident enough to compete in. The latest person to complain about appropriation are Sleaford Mods, specifically Jason Williamson, who is attacking IDLES in a chat with… the Guardian.
“I quite liked ‘Brutalism’ when it came out. It wasn’t my kind of music but I liked some of it – it was catchy…And they were nice lads, polite online and stuff. But I thought they were kind of a street band, there were lines like ‘Tarquin’ that would insinuate that they were knocking the middle classes, but it turns out they’re not working class…That offended me, because I then held the belief that they were appropriating, to a certain degree, a working class voice.”
“Obviously that excelled when the second album came out, and I felt a bit cheated. I also became jaded by this idea that we were a band that was campaigning for social justice, when we’re not, we’re just talking about what’s around us… Music can’t solve political problems. And I think their take on it is cliched, patronising, insulting and mediocre. And that’s why I have a problem with them. I take music seriously, and I’ve come from a place where this music has been created. Without that, we wouldn’t be here.”
“I went through a lot of pain – I understand Idles’ singer has gone through a lot of pain. But I don’t believe their slant on this. I don’t like them at all.”
Sleaford Mods: wanting to censor others creativity. 

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