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Slipknot’s Drummer Isn’t Dead or Dying

When Slipknot had to cancel some of their shows for ‘personal reasons’, unconfirmed reports that drummer Joey Jordison had been hospitalised led to rumours that the guy was either dead, or in the process of dying. Slipknot has now acted to quash these stories, in the form of a statement from their bassist, although he doesn’t go into any further details about the ‘personal reasons’: "Let me begin by saying we are very sorry we had to cancel this leg of the tour. As you know, touring is our life; getting in front of you guys and playing keeps this band alive. So it hurts us as much (as) you that we had to do this…

There are personal issues in the band that need to be taken care of for us to continue touring. Let me emphasise Joey is not dead/dying. He is fine. We are not cancelling our October tour, the band is not breaking up, we are all alive. I am setting the record straight…If you don't hear it from one of us in this band, then it is bulls**t. We are human and s**t happens and that's how life goes, but we are making the best of it right now, as should you." File this one under Jeff Goldblum.

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