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So we’ve been thinking about Lorde

So we’ve been thinking about Lorde
On November 2nd Lorde dropped a video for a track called Fallen Fruit. It was regarded as a comment on the environmental issues we face, keeping the same sound as her recent album but moving through dark, destructive visuals… and something about it kept nagging us.
So we think we know what it is, and why we like it. Much earlier this year, we described Lorde’s comeback single ‘Solar Power’ as starting off the summer, and it did for us. The bright vibes stayed through the following releases, even as Lorde tackled existentially difficult subject matter…
… and what we’ve realised is that not only did Lorde launch a summer starter, in Fallen Fruit she’s bringing that summer to an official close and setting us out on the winter months. That’s what it’s been doing for us.

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