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Some musical Covid heroes for you

Some musical Covid heroes for you
Obviously, heroes is a term best reserved for the NHS medical staff, the delivery drivers who ensure people better off can isolate, and a whole lot more, but hey we’re a music site so let’s talk about people who have delivered the musical morale boosting goods. We’ve got two acts from different ends of the spectrum who are producing streams for us day in, day out.
First, dance. Sofi Tukker have been building a name in the world of pop music for several years, but since lockdown they’ve been doing daily DJ sets, and are now in the multiple hundreds. Hit their streams at 6pm GMT for a mix of light, always fun, and often crate diggingly awesome tunes. We’ve added a link to their Twitch.
Then we have AJJ. Once known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, then down to AJJ for obvious booking reasons, and here just their singer, AJJ have been doing short performances through lockdown with an almost every other day pace. They play their own songs, and we don’t say this lightly: the man is a lyrical genius up there with Jeff Mangum, but also a lot of fun covers. You’ll want their YouTube for this one.

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