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Some people have only just heard Steel Panther and they’re not happy

Some people have only just heard Steel Panther and they’re not happy
Steel Panther have been running their 80s hair metal meets 70s porn film pastiche for a few years now, and basically all their songs are intentionally offensive. It’s thus slightly bizarre to find people trying to start a campaign against them years after they should.
Steel Panther teamed with a company to make a guitar effect pedal, and it’s called Pussy Melter so what were you expecting. The write up is typically Steel Panther, so don’t read it you don’t like bullshit: “When we met up with Steel Panther’s oh-so-humble guitarist, he had only one condition: that the tone be as wet as the ladies on the front row.”
It goes on like this. To be honest, the entire write up is about the least offensive lyric they’ve ever done, but people who haven’t seen this before are livid. One critic called it “obviously sexist,” and yes, that is Steel Panther’s entire vibe.  We can only recommend they in no way fire up the Spotify playlist for it, because they'll will be utterly horrified and have a lot of campaigning to do…

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