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Some stuff you just can't afford to miss at Glastonbury

Some stuff you just can't afford to miss at Glastonbury

You've seen the rain; you don't give a fuck. You hate MUSE, you couldn't give a shit; when they play 'Plug In Baby', you're going to lose it like it's 2001. Your wellies and being dusted off, and you've just had to reach out to your housemates' Whatsapp group in your desperate quest for a ground mat. It's Glastonbury week. 

And though we know you'll spend your early mornings in the Stone Circle doing nangs like a child, Sunday afternoon watching a legend and your Saturday day at the Park Stage, here are some things that we think you just shouldn't miss at the festival this year.

Pyramid, Saturday 11:30am.

To combat the movement of growing cynicism and treachery in British politics and your hangover, you should go and see the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir. Their harmonious sounds are exactly the kind of thing you need to turn that muddy frown upside down. Get a cider for it. 

Avalon, Saturday 8:15pm.

It doesn't matter how much porn he watches or booze he sinks, Will Young still has a stunning voice. The kind of credible force that can blow the cobwebs away. Full blast. Imagine the surge when he goes into 'Leave Right Now'. Your boss' dead-eyed smile and the word 'Farage' will never have been further away from your consciousness.

Sonic, Friday 8:15pm.

Simply one of the wittiest, most entertaining and exciting young artists to emerge over the past eighteen months. Enjoy the performances of her viral YouTube series, 'Queen's Speech' and bring a toothbrush. You'll need it.

John Peel, Friday 10:30pm.

Though they've fell out of favour in the mainstream, the Icelandic art rockers are still one of the best live bands out there. Their ambient, atmospheric and, at times, uncomfortable show is simply one you shouldn't miss.

Other Stage, Sunday 9:45pm.

Seriously, there's a reason that people shat the bed when James Murphy and co. announced their reunion. They're one of the most emphatic, euphoric live shows going, or at least they were. Their absence and subsequent return make it all the more intriguing. We simply cannot wait.

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