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Someone's estimated how much the Big Bang Theory cast have earned

Someone’s estimated how much the Big Bang Theory cast have earned
Do you think websites calculating the wealth of people is just an engine for jealousy and pettiness? Well sorry for the rest of this post then, but Vulture have taken a stab at calculating how much the Big Bang Theory cast have earned and it’s a fascinating look at how a popular series has actually rewarded the cast. 
According to Vulture’s work, Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) will have earned $140 million each by the end of season 12. Which is impressive stuff, while late arrival Mayim Bialik will have earned $28 million, but she’s also a genuine PhD so she wins anyway. Vulture admit these figures are probably low as the cast will have cuts of merchandise and similar. 
This sheds new light on the decisions of the original cast members to take pay cuts to pass more onto later stars, and also sheds new light on how much of a massive success this show has been. Vulture called these sums insane, and fair enough it looks a lot, but when a show is making money why not pass it to the cast?

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