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Song of the weekend: Priest have a new look and album

Song of the weekend: Priest have a new look and album
Cyber music trio Priest released a new video, and we were treated to both a song and a new look with Thieves. The old singer’s iconic all bondage Pinhead look has morphed into something keeping the spiky crown but adding a visible mouth and a section reminding us of old biking helmets. The original Priest vibes are intact, even though the singer is gone. The song shows Priest are still capable of making those driving dancefloor greats even after all the changes, while the video has floppy discs. Remember them?
But that’s merely the starter, as a full LP called Cyberhead is streaming now. We’ve included Thieves here because a. it’s got the video and b. we can’t decide which of Cyberhead is our favourite, it is constantly changing.

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