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Sonos sues Google over speaker tech and Amazon would be next

Sonos sues Google over speaker tech and Amazon would be next
Imagine being Sonos. You’re confidant Google and Amazon have infringed on your patents and face a series of punishing court battles to do anything about it. You’d forgive them for just going home, but instead Sonos have opened legal proceedings in two US federal courts against Google, feeling that they couldn’t sue both tech giants at once. 
“Google has been blatantly and knowingly copying our patented technology,” Sonos chief Patrick Spence told the New York Times. “Despite our repeated and extensive efforts over the last few years, Google has not shown any willingness to work with us on a mutually beneficial solution. We’re left with no choice but to litigate.” They want a ban on Google selling related tech in the US and money. 
Google replied: “We are disappointed that Sonos brought these lawsuits instead of continuing negotiations in good faith… We dispute these claims and will defend them vigorously.”
Sonos must be terrified to be honest.

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