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Sony are 'pig-brained arseholes'

Sometimes, when a record company is giving permission for a track to be used, they speak to the artist. Sometimes they don’t. And when Sony / Epic gave permission for McDonald’s to use a Franz Ferdinand track on their website, they don’t appear to have considered singer Alex Kapranos’ view on multi national money sucking corporations because he found out and tweeted:

"This… is an example of how a band falls out with their US label. Did they think we'd approve this shit?... Dirty bastards. Stupid arrogant motherfucking pig-brained arseholes. I'd rather eat a cowpat on a bun than a bloody McDonalds."

Just so we’re clear, the British end of this operation are in the clear: "Not all labels are bastards. Domino aren't. Just spoke to L Bell on the phone who knew nothing of it. He's on phone to USA now..."

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