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Speech Debelle Quits Label

Earlier this year unheralded jazz r’n’b crossover singer Speech Debelle won the Mercury music prize, but the aftermath has seen her quitting her record label, ‘Big Dada’. Apparently the problem is it wasn’t Big enough to adequately support her success: "The Mercury Prize was on a Tuesday, and the Friday there were no more physical albums in the shops," Music quoted has as saying: "So on the Mercury weekend, which would have been my biggest-selling weekend, people couldn't get it… I wasn't on a big label and the machine wasn't there. So, even though the album won the Mercury, it was still only able to do what the label was capable of doing, which just means that I'm more prepared for next time." We can understand her frustration, and sales apparently increased a thousandfold, but also that the record label might not have wanted piles of albums sitting around if she hadn’t have won (and she was far from a shoe in).

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